Friday, November 18, 2005


After months of looking for new material , brute logic has decided to incorporate a self serving cackle into his act. Apparently the repetition of the same 20 key phrases over the last severa lyears has worn thin, and this laugh is designed to cover brutes insecurity, which it simply does not, making it hilarious. It is worty of not it is not as hilarious as vic ferrari with a bike horn, honking at the end of his mic time.One can only wonder what vics car must now look like with nno warning system on it. Also worthy of note, is the fact ferrari also incorporated the same evil cackle in his act lately, leading this reporter to surmise they republicans MUST LEARN FROM EACH OTHER! Hard as it is to believe, this reporter believes that republicans must learn from tv and other republicans, since like brute logic, none have much to say until someone else either A> tells them what to think, or B> says something they can say the opposite of . Since most republicans can eat, drink, use silverware, i must assume they CAN learn. So when will they admit bush lied to go into iraq?



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