Friday, November 18, 2005


In a comic twist which is hilarious, BRUTE LOGIC (noted INTERNET TROLL, FACT DISTORTER and LIE REPEATER) has dropped the evil laugh he had once incorporated into his act. After months of gargantuan failed efforts to lie on facts, distorting issues with cheap buzzwords or outright HANNITYisms or OREILLYisms, this 'diapered dimwit of distortion' has also dropped speaking as well, noting it makes his blood pressure rise and then his mommy has to take him to the hospital before he gets a diaper rash.

Known for raising ire by misrepresenting facts by taking them out of context or omitting pertinent details, then completely ignoring known facts provided by opponents proving him totally wrong, he is also known for his proclivity to shift focus from one issue to another totally unrelated issue when cornered like a cockroach by a people who knows FACTS like KAREN DANCES, LORD MERCIFUL VOO, KARL d AZ, or most all of the people in MAINSTREAM POLITICS.

Popular topics are CLINTONS PENIS, MINDLESS PRAISE OF TORTURE, WAR, and ADVOCATION OF BLIND OBEDIENCE TO A LEADER merely because the "LEADER" is " in office", the premise being the leader is always right and it is "anti american" to ever mention any criticisms of said "LEADER".

Other favorite subjects of BRUTE LOGIC include "DUMPSTER BABY DEMS", a phrase he pulls out when he is cornered, and what KLATLAP likes to call "BRUTE LOGIC RAPID FIRE SPEW MODE", which happens when BRUTE is really being whipped in a room by someone. BRUTE will call for backup, like ARCHIE for example. People in the room will decide they have had enough of him and he makes a desperate play for attention as they all start ignoring him. Sooner or later he realises no one is listening to him, because he stops seeing his name in text from anyone.

His latest tactic is to leave the room, which removes an ignore on PALTALK, then enter again spewing rapid fire! Then, he tries to make a final attempt for listeners or any attention by going to the mic and repeating a lot of ridiculous slogans and made up catch phrases like "DUMPSTER BABY DEMS", or "BUSH WON, GET OVER IT, YOU ARE LOSERS", sounding much like his head is close to popping. BRUTE is NOT a relaxed speaker, sounding as if he always has a bad cold, and is usually very agitated, using a tone of voice which doesnt just suggest "nyah nyah ne boo boo" but SCREAMS IT OUT while slpaaing you in the face with pure ILLOGIC.

Known also for his enthusiasm to "kiss ass" and "brown nose" his "higher ups" in the internet chatrooms where he frequents, he has long been associated with the "LOONEY RIGHT WING FRINGE ELEMENT" and are totally subservient to a legion of fanatical-religious-fundamentlist-republican" higher-ups" and they wait obediently for orders each day on what LYING POINTS to parrot. Other notable associates of BRUTE include his partner ARCHIE BUNKER, or NEO CON SUPER HEROES like HIGH FALUTIN, or SALT SPRING both of whom BRUTE has huge crushes on, tho I suspect it also makes him question his sexuality.

This person is a prime example of why some internet chatrooms feature an IGNORE function.

As a person who has suffered through the HALF TRUTHS , OUTRIGHT LIES and PATHETIC ATTEMPTS TO SLOGANISE HALF TRUTHS AND OUTRIGHT LIES that BRUTE stands for during his daily 12 hour at a time visits to internet chatrooms, I heartily recommend all chatters use the ignore function to BOYCOTT this pathetic excuse for conversation. Failing to do so, and engaging this spewer of slogans always results in groans and wasted time as multitudes of people attempt to wade through long ago dissected arguements and relevant key facts which he has omitted to force others to fruitlessly waste time, rather than have any meaningful dialogue.

I suspect BRUTE is not so much of a REPUBLICAN as he is a ASSHOLE. If we were all republicans, he would present himself as a DEMOCRAT using opposite half truth based arguements, and it is my opinion his function is to WASTE TIME by enmiring you in FRUITLESS REPETITIVE ARGUEMENTS PREMISED ON COMPLETE LIES, SLOGANS from the G.O.P., and definately whatever BRUTE happened to see on FOX NEWS or the DRUDGE REPORT 15 minutes before he logged on.

Is BRUTE a PAID OPERATIVE working in internet chatrooms? I dont know, but if he was it would not surprise me one bit. As I have suggested before, if it is indeed so, BRUTE should ask his superiors for better writers at the least. I wonder how much he makes if it is indeed true? The sole purpose of BRUTE seems to be to DERAIL all pertinent discussion in rooms he enters, and he does it with relish and vigor, spewing out buzzphrase after buzzphrase as he ignores facts and kisses ass to all of his similary "politically retarded" conservative cronies, such as ass-kissing-conservative-lickspittle ARCHIE BUNKER, BRUTE's closest associate, and known ASSHOLE in internet chatrooms.

I suggest one would acomplish more (and have a more meaningful debate) after looking down into the toilet bowl after having voided and attempting to start a conversation with the resulting waste product than one would have by starting a conversation or even PAYING ATTENTION TO BRUTE LOGIC.. IF IT SMELLS LIKE SHIT.....ITS PROBABLY SHIT! TRUST YOUR NOSE! IT KNOWS!

THIS WEEKS BOYCOTT IS BRUTE LOGIC! Congratulations! You win no attention! You WIN no typing! you win a BOYCOTT!

Listen up BRUTE.....I will now explain why you are worthy of no attention from any human being , especially in PALTALK chatrooms......

You, "sir" are a childlike twit who intentionally LIES and DISTORTS FACTS in a futile regular display of your tanacity at selectively presenting, distorting, and then ignoring relevant facts as you try to take attention from real issues by sloganising and outright LYING.

You, "sir", dont deserve the attention of good people.

KLATLAP's advice?

E V O L V E .


Show AT LEAST these two politically retarded reprobate morons you are simply tired of their never changing act and that you have given them your LAST MINUTE of time! Tell yourself you have MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO than engage someone who has allready wasted HOURS AND HOURS of your time in the past, and for WHAT? To come back and LIE and PLAY CHILDLIKE GAMES again another day, as if it had never happened?

The way to eliminate people like this from internet chatrooms is to LET THEM STAY and IGNORE THEM TOTALLY. When people unify and do this these types SOON LEAVE. When you give creedence to these types, it degenerates the discussions to a level near barnyard animals where it concerns politics. They are like CHILDREN SEEKING ATTENTION and when they DO NOT GET IT they LOSE INTEREST FAST. Usually within 10 minutes.

We must all admit that many conservative types are not really very smart, knowing little of politics besides what they have just seen on FOX NEWS or what BILL OREILLY might have just said. We must unify , and agree on all sides that these types are truly the COCKROACHES in our internet chatrooms, and only our dilligence at ignoring while allowing them free speech and a seat will drive them away.

When these two CLOWNS stop getting any attention, I predict they will soon tire of endlessly repeating old lies and distorting current truths with new or old solgans, and slink back to rooms which are suggestive of the old BUSH HQ room, where they belong. These types can only survive with your help. These types can only be dealt with as one would deal with a psychopath....would you have a conversation with a psychopath? How about a rabid dog? Maybe some babbling freak who has a G.O.P. dildo up thier ass? Like BRUTE LOGIC or his pal ARCHIE BUNKER?



CLUEPON courtesy of KLATLAP and is good all week for ARCHIE AND BRUTE!



At Wednesday, 18 January, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Noooogie, you lack intellect to even begin to debate Brute. Your main low dollar deal is sexual insults and imploding on the mic. You just need to get off welfare and contribute to the USA. NOW, GET A JOB YOU BUM!!!


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