Friday, November 18, 2005


Today is the official holiday to remember the destruction of the former "BUSH H.Q." from PALTALK, approximately a year ago today.

Once a bastion of hateful racists, homophobes, race baiters, woman haters, lie-loving-scum-sucking war-mongering violence-against- people-advocating-death cheering apocalypse welcoming wrong thinking butt kissing pedantic low grade muslim blaming assholes, it was DESTROYED by FRIENDLY FIRE as the PALTALK HIGH COMMAND was forced to REMOVE IT COMPLETELY FROM THE WORLD as if to demonstrate they would only allow other rooms to advocate the blaming of the worlds problems on all muslims, but not that particular one any more.

Many slick hate mongers who comprised the general audienceand administration in this particular room were left without a place to hang out when paltalk blew it off the map , and eventually the same admins who ran it just opened new rooms with titles like "MUHAMMEDANS: Ur Jihad Stops NOW US/ISRAEL United" ( current population - (62),
or "~Islam Destroying Islam~They dont Need any Help`" (current population (10) ,
as well as other various rooms which seem to come and go like OSAMA BIN LADENS TERROR CELLS , popping up and crawling back into their various holes.

Usually driven back to rooms of their own creation by the massive rejections of their advocated hatreds, misunderstanding, fear, and disdain for policies in these "bunkers of boneheadedness" which mandate RED DOTTING and BOOTING to ANYONE who does not espouse the attitude supported by the room owners, who are all gutless hate mongers who cannot stand up to real debate in a free forum ever, and must control discussion entirely to maintain popularity and maybe get mentioned in a SHITRAG like THE TATTLER, which is reportedly now working deep in caves near the PALTALK's southern border, and cannot always get on the internet to publish their GOSSIP JACK OFF RAG.

PALTALK ARMY REGULARS such as SALT SPRING, FHOTO, CHRISTIAN PRINCE, MORTIE 2, and CRABFISHERMAN and their cronies and bootlickers are now no longer bound to one room, andmany have been recruited or voluntarily enlisted with the PALTALK SPECIAL AIRBORNE FORCES to drop into chat rooms after their friends MOSES KNOWS, DRILLER 50, VIC FERRARI, DR CLEAN, FLA LADY, THE CITIZEN, ALEXAVIER, ONE CONSERVATIVE GUY, CHAPPY, DR JECKLE, BOAZ FRANKEL, and such other vanity-based idiot- liar-spew-monger- types have been run out of MAINSTREAM POLITICS and go crying back to their "friends" ( who we have witnessed turn like rabid sharks on each other many times in a feeding frenxy) ( ha ha ) who then, in turn, call PALTALK HIGH COMMAND to order airborne reenforcements to be brought in by land, sea or air. CALL IN AN UNFAIRSTRIKE !!! HA HA

The ongoing campaign includes dissemenation of semen into each other, and has been going very well, but earlier this morning PALTALK HIGH COMMAND announced it was initiating "SPECIAL HIGH INTENSITY TORTURE" or "S.H.I.T." in all occupied territories. Airdrops of stupid jerks are planned all day on PALTALK SOCIAL ISSUES ROOMS, and an invasion will be mounted as soon as REPUBLICANS come out of the HOLES they ran to HIDE IN when the DEMOCRATS WON VIRGINIA AND NEW JERSEY yesterday. ( Perhaps the same holes they dug when LIBBY went down? Or DELAY? hahaha . KEEP DIGGIN FUCKERS! KEEP DIGGIN!)


BYE BYE BUSH H.Q......You really sucked shit. WE DONT MISS YOU ONE BIT!!!


In related news, DRILLER 50 was repulsed in MAINSTREAM POLITICS early today when he was informed he was using an arguement from several days back, by ISABELLAH ONE ( the only female general in the PALTALK ARMY) which was allready exposed in this publication, causing him to eventually throw down his " YOU GUYS LOVE NAMBLA" sign and run off to his own lines once more, in what has become a regualr and hilarious occurance on PALTALK.

Witnesses to the battle say liberal forces continued with breakfast unphased as a few well placed shots by RATTLER SNIPERS took out DRILLER 50 by shooting links to the discreditedarguement story into his face, casuing him to choke on his corn nuts and flee the battlefield, yelling "WHY DONT YOU GET JOBS WITH THE A.C.L.U. ??!"

In response, a RATTLER THINK TANK unit on the front line fired an "A.C.L.U" or "Anti-conservative-Loser-Unpantser" at COMMANDER DRILLER, thouroghly un-pantsing and slapping his narrow little pink ass with the U.S. constitution, provoking the flattened and pants-less DRILLER50 to exclaim "SHEEYIT! STOP IT! YALLS KNOW AH CAINT REED!" as he called in totally ineffective PALTALK ARMY FIELD FARTILLERY and was then was picked up by a PALTALK BATTLEFIELD WHAAAAMBULANCE he radioed for. DRILLER then was flown back to his mommys basement, where his command post also is.

Take a minute and remeber the destruction of BUSH H.Q. , and remember even tho the room is gone, blown up by FIRENDLY FIRE after a MASSIVE HATE MONGER FEEDING FRENZY, the essence still remains in the hearts of many, and this is where the fight we fight truly is.

Tak a moment to stop by and pee on the ruins, as this site will soon be turned into the PALTALK DIARRHEA GARDENS, to forever commemorate the legacy left by BUSH H.Q.

That, and also no one could remove the shit smell anyway , so it was a logical choice.

M.B. 2005

Art by M.B. 2005


At Saturday, 19 November, 2005, Blogger Geminess said...

Wow thats great news!!! a sense it is. Bush HQ is toast but the slimeballs are still on Pal Talk. Guess I've been gone too long. Great Blog Noogie.


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