Friday, November 18, 2005

"DR." CLEAN praises self, wife, says no hunger or poverty exists in U.S.A

In a touching monologue, punctuated by heartfelt self praise, condescention, and self love, Dr. Clean tonite explained how he "moved on up" from an olds cutlass sierra vintage 1965, to a de luxe house in the white burbs, where he can neither see nor hear the cries of the poor .

In his lengthy monologue, clean outlined how he is a great guy for allegedly providing work to some people, how his wife is beautiful, and implied all persons should envy his large sucess. His monologue continued , as he spoke of how he had nothing at one time in his life, then moved up from hard work. Then , in typical neo con style, he blew it all by sharing with the room the fact that he only "moved up" because of a wealthy aunts demise and her will , showing again most republicans are just like you and I , until someone hands them something they never worked for. then they can pretend they are better, and also, they blow their own bullshit stories all too often, which is HILARIOUS!!

This is exactly the sort of self aggrandising shit we can all live without. people who are so out of touch with the real world they think there is no hunger, no poverty, no strife.

Dr Clean, who is a self procalimed "doctor", insisted since he had "never personally seen a thin starving person in his county, by his logic ...none exist", proving the old adage " if you cant see it, it wont hurt you " is not only true, but a popular viewpoint in the white republican community.

When pressed to explain how he might explain hunger in the usa, poverty , or starvation, Clean began to speak about his allegedly beautiful wife , barbie, and then insisting he does all sorts of stuff for charity. he added, " I have a job, and i make a lot of money , so i have to go to bed." and fled the room on cue.

In a related story, no confirmation in yet as to wether "DRILLER 50" is in fact, "DR." Clean. . we will stay on this important story for you , the reader. who we love. lots. no shit. damn we love you .kiss kiss. :)


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