Friday, November 18, 2005


CAUGHT unexpectedly while on break from his job kissing elephants asses in the local mellonville zoo, we can see DRILLER 50, local paltalk troll and known liar.
In his hand is a special handcrafted "hillbilly fart cannon" which has just been ignited.

Made with old beer cans, taped end to end, and filled with the users own flatus, which is lit with a match , producing a spectacular explosion.

The "hillbilly fart cannon" has been passed down from hillbilly father to hillbilly son for years, and has been a source of entertainment, a means to trim long beards and body hair, and also served as a means of hunting food for generations. For hunting, the user simply loads old nails, or his own dentures into the cannon as a projectile.

It appears DRILLER 50 has swallowed his dentures in this picture, a consequence of igniting strong whiskey based methane , which can produce massive explosions, and is a common fuel source amongst the hillbillies in Driller 50s' family.



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