Friday, November 18, 2005


Caught here by KLATLAP SECRET AGENTS ( who are everywhere) is a multi-role aircraft of the PALTALK AIR FORCE, the "FLYING BRUTE LOGIC".

Used for mostly flying a lot of dicks around and airdropping them into internet chatrooms, it is also able to be fitted with a 5 thousand pound "heat seeking moisture missile" which can plow through enemy defenses and cover entire chat lobbies in thick white goo, known as "CONSERVATISM". In many cases this missile will go off prematurely, in which case the entire crew flushes itself down the aircraft toilet which takes them back to the SOCIAL ISSUES LOBBY of PALTALK.

Fitted with state of the art systems such as "Automatic lie lot", "GAYDAR" and "head up ass direction finding" the plane allows internet and e-mails, satelite t.v. , and also has a mobile command and "control center" with a full set of whips, chains, thumbscrews and a lovely pink heart shaped bed that plays "dixie" when it is laid upon.

A vintage 1980's nintendo is on board for important staff meetings. A full rack for torture is also on board at all times, and the plane can be fitted out to carry P.T.A. troops when the aircraft is not full of its usual cargo of shit.

Cows, sheep, pigs, rats, or other conservatives like FLA LADY ,KENTUCKY LADY, BRUTE LOGIC , ONE CONSERVATIVE GUY, DRLLER 50, DR CLEAN, SOUR MAN OF COAL, SALT SPRING, MEHICAN, CRABFISHERMAN, ARCHIE BUNKER, UNCLE BOB, VIRGINIA 1776, or STARLYIN can be loaded up and airdropped into internet chatrooms from the plane for important recon missions. It is important to note that when FLA LADY is onboard, no one else can fly, since she takes up all the space onboard.

The aircraft was pressed to the limits of its endurance today when it was needed to hurriedly ferry desperate conservatives away from,areas with news coverage , and back to the safety of their G.O.P. "blankies" and "BUSH ASS PACIFIERS".

Hundreds of desperate conservatives clutching fried chicken and wet naps jammed local PALTALK AIRPORTS in the SOCIAL ISSUES LOBBY in a desperate attempt to flee the carnage of another day of PALTALK DEFEATS and BAD NEWS FOR BUSH. ( also DEM FORCES TOOK THE CONFEDERATE CAPITOL, VIRGINIA!)


IF YOU SEE THIS AIRCRAFT WARN LOCAL AUTHORITIES......IT means a lot of DICKS will be dropping in!




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