Sunday, November 27, 2005


FLA LADY today purchased some "very expensive" LEE brand "PRESS ON-BRAINS" after visiting her local nail salon, "THE RUSTY BATTLEAXE HAG AND BAG WAXERY TRIMMERY AND SALON" where she also had a complete nail job done.

The brains include LEE PRESS ON NAILS, and showcase the latest holiday craze for conservative women, PRESS ON BRAINS.

PRESS ON BRAINS includes a belt to tie the brain to the head and also includes a full set of LEE PRESS ON NAILS.

FLA LADY simply loves new LEE PRESS ON BRAINS which include the security belt many conservative women also use to hold the brain in place over their faces, keeping them safe from minorities, bad news about the PRESIDENT, IRAQ, or the price of BRAINWASH going up so dramatically in the last week.

The only flaw in the new brains are that they are unsafe while driving, and are totally ineffective when OPRAH is on tv or in the vicinity. The 5 thousand dollar price tag did not discourage FLA LADY, who said "My hubby man said if I didnt get me some brains I was gonna be sleeping in drains, so this is just what I need to try to save my allready rocky marraige. Thank God I have the cash on hand, that is no problem. As a matter of fact, I regularly go on PALTALK and tell everyone about how rich and well off I am in comparison to how destitute they must be." FLA LADY would not comment on how much she spent on the nail job, remarking" All you need to know is I care about poor destitute immigrants who are probably living as slaves, because I tipped the poor destitute immigrant nail girl a lot of money, and anyway, it is more than you make in a month. My personal beauty is the center of my world. And my hubby can afford it. If I can keep him."

FLA LADY is expected to soon preach about how she is better off and has more money than anyone else does as she shows off her new LEE PRESS ON BRAINS, so when you see her, be sure to give her a compliment on how nice they look over her face!

LEE PRESS ON BRAINS are available at all leading salons who cater to stanky republican battleaxes who think cosmetics can even hope to hide the foul and pervasive stench of vanity, blindness to others, and general brainlessness, and will soon be available to men as well.

M.B. 2005


At Wednesday, 18 January, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is funny stuff, your lump of coal, sonny BOY. May I suggest getting a life. Hey, I know, someone told me you do soundbites. So, do some soundbites, some implosions, there you go sonny. Oh, you never win Issues. Hey, one more thing, do you do tricks for food? YOU ARE NOTHING>>> loud>> a loser = Elections, issues, and on and on and on. So, zip your diaper up and get to bed.

At Sunday, 12 February, 2006, Anonymous Julie said...

This was too funny but I took out the name FLALADY and replaced it with the name of someone I don't like. lmaoooooo

At Wednesday, 26 April, 2006, Blogger big-cock-suckers said...

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