Friday, November 18, 2005


Missing for almost 2 weeks now, when he was banned from MAINSTREAM POLITICS, VIC FERRARI, noted idiot and coward, is shown here at a local grocery store, on the back of a carton of milk .

The notice, which says "MISSING - VIC FERRARI - AGE 47", and shows a recent picture of FERRARI was meant not so much to seek information to FERRARI's wherabouts, but rather to WARN unsuspecting citizens of this looney righty on the loose. The notice is clearly labeled underneath with the phrase "DON'T CALL US, WE'LL CALL YOU", underscoring the lack of concern to FERRARI's whereabouts.

The warning was added to the side of the milk carton after concerns about this depraved factless whining balding cuckolded VIC FERRARI were brought to the attention of the local dairy, who commented " Just one more dipstick to add to the list of dipsticks you should be gald you dont have to put up with, and a public service from us, your local dairy! DRINK MILK!"

The warnings will be placed on the next 5 million milk cartons the dairy produces, and a local skywriter is also donating a plane to help with the upcoming " BE AWARE OF COWARDLY LIARS ON PALTALK AWARENESS MONTH" which begins in december.

If you see FERRARI, be sure to totally ignore him, as he is a complete waste of time as well as an enormous coward.




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