Sunday, November 27, 2005


Well known PALTALK resident and issue-oriented spin-doctor PEACE LOVER (known as P LOVER after a string of wet pants on mic related incidents) has again wet himself while on the mic on PALTALK, and yet again escaped electrocution.

Apparently angry and disuillusioned after jumping on yet another "ISSUE TRAIN" which at first offered an illusory promise of greatness and then quickly turned into a "PERSONALITY TRAINWRECK", P LOVER first wet his pants, then cried like a baby with a bad diaper rash about his own lack of foresight, claiming " everyone else wasnt doing enough."

P lover enjoys getting on mic to berate others for not doing more to jump on issue related trains like he does, and in spite of his crippling diaper rash and often fully loaded and cumbersome diaper getting in his way. GOOD FOR YOU P LOVER! CARRY ON THE GOOD FIGHT!

P LOVER's latest slap came when he was fired by AN INTERNET RADIO STATION after he misjudged the quality of people he was getting involved with for the sake of potential personal aggrandisement in the guise of news reportage and was yet again taken in by a band of loonies and crackpots he didnt bother to research first before jumping on with.

P LOVER took the microphone in MAINSTREAM POLITICS and promptly peed his pants , then pouted about how no one is really doing anything cause they havent been fucked over like he has, then lay down in his own water pulling his pud and hoping some passer by would maybe change his full diaper. NO passer by did.

Known for asking NOOOOGIE repeatedly to lend a hand in his crusades, and being every time rebuked by NOOOOGIE, P LOVER seems a bit angry that some people are smarter than other people about how they choose to get involved then toot their lil horns about who they are involved with before it blows up in their faces. Taking it out on those of us who are too smart to do what you do also makes me laugh. ha ha . heh.

A CLUE FOR YOU ---------------------

Those of us who are doing things...Political activism, writing, whatever......Dont need to tell anyone what we do to get off on doing those things. It matters not if you know what I do, as long as I do it.

In fact, I insist most if not ALL people who claim some benevolent deeds or great work on the internet are actually full of 100% SHIT, and are only trying to give themselves invented credibility based on the invented pretext they "are involved in some great work they are telling you about" which in essence means nothing, is totally intangible, and anyone else could lie just as good if they chose to.

P LOVER will continue to search high and low for a diaper rash ointment good enough to stop the awfully itchy rash he now has, and has had for the last 2 years.




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