Friday, November 18, 2005


IN a ground breaking move which has shocked PALTALK Republican hardliners, many previously G.O.P. faithful have formed the new "PALTALK RENEGADE ARMY" (a few members of which are shown above) and are now offering services posting slogans in internet chat rooms, on a per hour basis, for anyone who will give them "hard cash money".Many of the same republicans were rumored to have been 'cut off' from republican money sources that have paid them to spew propoganda on the internet for years, but recently dried up as fast thinking republicans foresaw the doom and emptied offshore accounts.

This bright group of entrepeneurs, (a word they resent because , as BRUTELOGIC explained, "It's French!") saw the light of opportunity and decided to subcontract themselves to anyone with money, on an individual basis or as a package deal which includes up to 4 republicans (the entire "Army") and the repetition of any phrases desired by the contractor.

Needing cash to eat and pay bills, the last thing whacky gun totin' bible kissin' shit kickin' beer drinkin' bush lovin' retards like VIC FERRARI, THECITIZEN, DRILLER50, RICESKI, CONSERVATIVE ATHIEST, ARCHIE SPELUNKER, or BRUTE LOGIC need is to be fired from their important "work at home " jobs at a critical time, lest they be labelled "poor" by thier contemporaries. Anyone can now hire one for 2 dollars an hour, or get all 4 for 3 dollars an hour in their new introductory special.

Rumors say PFIZER is looking to use them to market a new G.O.P. themed impotence cure, to be rolled out in november , and might pay as much as 8 dollars for the new group, who may be featured in national advertisments soon. Other offers not yet refused are a contract with the gay and lesbian visibility alliance news, a leading gay rights group, as well as several requests from NAMBLA to meet in person, and at least 5 offers from White House correspondent Jeff Gannon to "do lunch sometime."

No comment so far from the PALTALK RENEGADE ARMY on how thier mud runner trucks , jugs of moonshine, hound dogs, or double barreled shotguns full of nails and rocksalt would be an effective force on the internet, although specualtion is that the group may soon do a project in Los Angeles California with noted porn stars Paris Hilton and John Holmes, to be entitled " G.O.P. '04, the buttfucking". If the deal goes through, this will be Holmes first return to man on man action in over 15 years, and a legion of fans are eager to see him in action plugging the behinds of those who truly deserve it, REPUBLICANS.



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