Friday, November 18, 2005


Pictured here right before his midday changing, local paltalk asskiss and troll PUNKNAILER, one of VIC FERRARIS alternate nicknames, came into mainstream politics and threatened this publication to immediately cease and desist in mentioning himself or his associates : THECITIZEN, and of course, VIC FERRARI.

In a litany of expletives likely heard from his alcoholic parents, this non entity expressed indignation anyone would dare to laugh at his stupid bullshit, and as usual, refused all attempts to bring him to an open mic to speak.

KLATLAP has discovered why PUNKNAILER cannot speak in mainstream politics , most obviously his age ( estimated at 18 months) but more importantly, the fact that his front teeth are so distended it makes it very painful for him to speak, relegating him to a keyboard for all of his communications. Sources say PUNKNAILER is able to whine loudly when he wets himself, sees Tom delay being booked , is challenged by anyone, or simply wants a "ba ba", or his "binky".

KLATLAP wants to assure its readership that as long as republicans act like assholes, KLATLAP will bring you the hard facts . FURTHERMORE, we wish to thank all of the conservatives who make our jobs so much easier, as all we really have to do is watch.



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