Friday, November 18, 2005


IN a move which surprised no one, PALTALK HIGH COMMANDER COLONEL SALT SPRING today called the full compliment of "PAL TALK ARMY MUSLIM BASHING UNITS" to come on PALTALK and insinuate that MUSLIMS, or at the very least POOR BLACKS are wholly and solely responsible for rioting currently going on in FRANCE, and dutifully parroted the line he read earlier today on a right wing blog that " It has nothing to do with internal french policies and a current 50% unemployment rate, and has everything to do with MUSLIMS who want to cut off your head and take over the world and subjugate us all to sharia law."

In an offensive line which filled several PALTALK user-created chatrooms, PALTALK soldiers opened several rooms earlier this week in order more fully to bash on FRANCE and especially all MUSLIMS, who are always first to be blamed for everything by PALTALK RELIGIOUS EXTREMISTS, PALTALK RACISTS, and PALTALK REPUBLICANS as the "official party line."
This change is notable for the fact that it blames FRENCH MUSLIMS specifically, and not ALL MUSLIMS IN THE WORLD, as usual.

Insinuation the rioting in France is solely the result of extremist muslims who want to steal your baby (and eat it) and chop off your head, the PALTALK army was defenseless against questions about the TRUE underlying cause for the unrest in france.

Citing a 50% unemployment rate in frence as the TRUE underlying cause of the ongoing fracas caused a severe break in the lines of MUSLIM BASHER offense, the PALTALK lip-service warriors of the 69th MUSLIM BLAMING UNIT were left speechless and furious, franticly googling for stories which used conjecture to imply the rioting in FRANCE was "only muslims", and especially "black muslims."

The PALTALK ARMY MUSLIM BASHING UNITS quickly set up trenches early this week in hopes of a full scale frontal assault on FRANCE, MUSLIMS, BLACKS, and LIBERALS in chatrooms such as "RIOTS IN FRANCE ! MUSLIMS BURN 1400 cars and more" , or " FRENCH RIOTS, DISCUSS IT HERE."

Commander of the PALTALK 69th Canadian volunteer reserve component, Colonel "SALT SPRING" or "SWORD OF THE AMISH" ( as he is also known) explained his strategy to a RATTLER REPORTER on the fringes of the battlefield.

"It's simple really", he said, explaining " I have no life, and I am also latently homosexual, and I also hate gay people, which in effect, means I hate myself. In order to live with this constant opposition inside myslelf, which makes me highly unstable, I decided to volunteer for the PALTALK MUSLIM BASHING UNIT because I am able to insinuate that MUSLIMS are to blame for anything that I am ordered to blame them for. I cannot name my superiors, that is top secret. Also I am good at blaming gays and blacks of any faith. I have over 3000 combat hours in chatrooms blaming MUSLIMS, and almost as much time logged kissing ass on subjects like why rendition is great, why torture is good, and why any fact i dont like i can simply ignore before i run away from discussions i started."

Known for his vast knowledge of right wing opinioneer- pundits, and the books they write to re enforce his fears, hatreds, and suspicions, Col. SALT SPRING suggested "Its GAY TOURIST AUSTRALIANS maybe that are rioting? Maybe GAY FRENCH BACKPACKERS? It's NOT MUSLIMS?" in MAINSTREAM POLITICS THIS MORNING.

"To say the muslims didnt start this riot is to have your head so far up your ass you could see Vancouver", SALT SPRING said. SALT SPRING then cited Vancouver was a place where whites are a minority, but a quick fact check showed that was a complete and total lie like most of what SALT SPRING says.

Sword then implied Jamaica has no culture and is mostly responsible for murders in Canada, noting "blacks kill blacks", and citing a cultural proclivity in blacks to kill each other . He then returned to Bashing muslims , and avoiding answering the simple question he had been asked repeatedly by the room host, LORD MERCIFUL VOO, amd many of its' occupants.

When asked by LORD MERCIFUL VOO repeatedly "How did you know overnight that MUSLIMS were solely responsible for the rioting in France", COL. SALT SPRING responded by ignoring the question , but eventually broke under extended chat room torture and confessed that he was ordered by "higher authorities" to say it.

SALT SPRING could not answer questions after that point, as he had to flee the room to avoid questions, as usual.

His stand in replacement, MEHICAN, (or as he is now called "MORTIE 2") was called in under fire from STARLYINS' room, but did not arrive in time to prevent a defeat, since everyone knows he is just a crony of SALT SPRING, and hangs with a bunch of brain dead dipshits that are ostracised and ridiculed in good rooms like MAINSTREAM POLITICS, preferring to hide in tyrannical "RED DOT TO ANY WHO DONT AGREE" type rooms such as " AMERICAN POLITICS" or "THAT FUCKIN ROOM OF GRUNTO THAT MORON", in the hopes someone might write their names in blogs.



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