Sunday, November 27, 2005


Known for his lack of a skeleton, this crazy psychotic creepy crawler of the paltalk ocean
managed to use his lack of bones to slither through the doorway to more PALTALK chatrooms today.

Not seen much recently, CHARLIE 3 now puts on his act with diminished frequency but the same 7 or 8 cut and paste vague generalised phrases as he used in all the other rooms which banned him for being such a ridiculous troll.

Famous on PALTALK for his open ended repetitive comments , which have not changed one iota in 3 years, he is most famous for his proclivity to insist his 7 or 8 ready made to cut and paste vague and generalised statements can substitute for actual debate, as he implies muslims are bad, bush is good and wars are natural. Using the BRUTE LOGIC "Speak only when most of the room is ignoring you as a last ditch effort to get attention" technique is CHARLIE 3's usual MODUS OPERANDI as he attempts to ruin good diuscussions on a multitude of topics.

Known as a namby pamby chair moistener for the last several years, CHARLIE 3 seems better suited to hang in rooms which advocate or tolerate the advocation of the destruction of entire races or faiths or beliefs using vague generalised hateful slogans which are repetively cut and pasted, and not in rooms which allow good political discussion on issues.

We suggest a TOTAL IGNORE POLICY with CHARLIE 3, as he simply has nothng new to say.



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